Zentro Retrofit Fire Pit

Manufacturer: Breeo Industries

Your backyard patio project needs something different. It needs an old fashioned, real wood fire. But it doesn’t need the smoke. 

The solution? Zentro™ fire pits. Higher, more even temperatures mean faster cooking, and patent-pending smoke re-burning technology nearly eliminates annoying smoke for playing guitar, sipping hot cocoa or swapping stories.

The Zentro™ line of fire pits are designed to easily fit into any exising or new paver, patio or stone fire pit.

Get the family and friends, and Gather Round.


  The Zentro Fire Pit is built to easily adapt to any fire pit or patio. Whether it be a paver, stone, or in-ground fire ring, Zentro will quickly and easily make it Smoke-Less! Plus, the easily modular cooking accessories allow you to have a beautiful fire with nothing attached, or go all out and cook beans and steaks at the same time. The Zentro fire pit without any Retro-Fit rings will fit any fire pits that are between 30" - 32 1/2" Inside Diameter. Is your fire pit bigger than that? No problem. We have two Retro fit rings, making it possible to fit any fire pit up to 44"

The Zentro fire pit come with a lid.

All other accessories are sold separately. 


Image Gallery Zentro Retrofit Fire Pit