Delaware River

Sizes: 5" to 8", 8" to 12", 12"+
Unit of Sale: LB, Ton
Rounded River boulders range in grey, brown, and plum colors.
Rocks and boulders can be used in landscaping a property to add color, accent, or functionality. We offer different sized boulders for different designs. All can be installed or integrated into an existing landscape designs. Whether you are planning a large scale boulder design or a simple boulder edge Delaware River boulders will give you the look you are hoping to achieve. The functionality of this boulder is endless.

Boulders Help Table

Boulder Size Approximate Weight
Chunk Rock 10 - 50 Lbs.
Two Man Boulders 50 - 150 Lbs.
Field Boulders 150 - 500 Lbs.
Large Boulders 500 - 1000 Lbs.
Over Sized Boulders 1000+ Lbs.
Delaware River
Delaware River
Delaware River
Delaware River
Delaware River Landscape Edge
Delaware River Boulder Wall
Image Gallery Delaware River

Large Delaware Boulders