Natural Cedar

Unit of Sale: 2 Cubic Foot Bag, Bulk Cubic Yard
Aside from it's lovely look and aroma Natural Cedar Mulch also contains natural oils that repel insects. This mulch is finely shredded offering mulched chips surrounded by a bed of cedar webbing helping this product to be easily spread, keeps it where it's laid and long lasting. Aside from how easily the Cedar Mulch is applied, because of the amount this product is shredded it also clings to steep areas better than other double or single ground mulches, and much better than chipped mulch.

Mulch & Bark Yield Information & Calculation

The initial application of two (2)-inch layer of mulch can save you yard-maintenance time. Because it smothers weeds, you do less weeding and you won't have to trim grass along borders. It reduces evaporation so you won't need to water as often. Another advantage of bark mulch is that it breaks the force of rain which prevents mud splattering on the side of your house. Mulch will last 3 to 6 years after your initial application and needs only the addition of a minimum amount of new material each year to maintain the proper depth of 2 inches and renew that rich brown color.

1 Cubic Yard = 27 Cubic Feet = (9) 3 Cubic Foot Bags = (18) 1.5 Cubic Foot Bags

Cubic Feet = Area (SF) x Depth (Inches) x .084
Cubic Yards = Area (SF) x Depth (Inches) x .003

One Cubic Yard will cover at:
(1'')--> 320 SF, (2'')--> 160 SF, (3'')--> 110 SF, (4")--> 80 SF.

First Time (shredded mulches)Apply 4 inch covering.
First Time (granular mulches)Minimum 1 inch.
Remulching2 inch covering.
Natural Cedar