SealMaster VM

Manufacturer: SealMaster
Unit of Sale: 5 Gallon Pail
Synthetic rubber co-polymer latex additive designed to enhance the fuel resistance, toughness, and sand suspension properties of coal tar pitch emulsion and asphalt based pavement sealers. Sealer VM meets FAA P625, FAA P627, and ASTM D 4866 specifications for latex additives.

Benefits of SealMaster VM:
Pavement sealer fortified with Sealer VM dries blacker.

Mixing Procedures: Apply mixed pavement sealer fortified with Sealer V.M. at a rate of .11 to .13 gallon per square yard (70 - 82 square feet per gallon) per coat.
A minimum of 2 gallons of Sealer VM for every 100 gallons of sealer concentrate.
Pavement sealer fortified with Sealer VM should not be applied when temperatures drop below 50°F at any time within 24 hour period after application.

Note: Application rates may vary somewhat due to pavement age and porosity.
SealMaster VM