Unit of Sale: 2 Gallon Pail
A technically advanced formula designed to enhance performance and handling characteristics of pavement sealers. Nano-Cure Technology works to drive moisture out of the coating, for faster dry times and advanced curing.

Mix two gallons of Fass-Dri for every 100 gallons of sealer concentrate.

Benefits of Fass-Dri:
Designed for both asphalt and coal tar pavement sealers.
Fortified with SSA (Sand Suspension Additive) to suspend sand consistently throughout the mix.
Parking lots can be striped quicker- jobs completed faster.
Product can be applied with a spray, squeegee or brush.
Reduces sand roll-out.
Reduces tracking and power steering marks.
Reduces filter and tip clogging.
Extends your sealer season.
Will not set up in your tank.

Mixing Instructions: Mix Fass-Dri one to one with water, stir mixture, then add slowly to sealer while agitating. Mix seal coat mixture for 15 minutes before adding sand (optional), mix sand in mixture for 10 minutes before applying to pavement. Fass-Dri will thicken sealcoat mixture, add a maximum of 5% additional water if necessary to bring to proper consistency. Final mixture with sand should be applied at a thicker viscosity than normal sealer.