CrackMaster Supreme Direct Fire

Manufacturer: SealMaster
Unit of Sale: 50 LB Box
CrackMaster Supreme is a single component, hot-applied, rubberized asphalt crack and joint sealant. CrackMaster Supreme is specially formulated for both direct fire and oil-jacketed kettles. It is heat stabilized to withstand temperatures up to 450°F without experiencing polymer degradation. When melted and properly applied it forms a resilient crack sealant for both asphalt and concrete pavements.
CrackMaster Supreme is designed to seal expansion joints, longitudinal and transverse cracks, joints between concrete and asphalt shoulders, and random cracks in both asphalt and concrete pavements. CrackMaster Supreme is relatively hard and has a high softening point, which makes it well suited for parking lots and driveways.
Do not overheat material.
Cracks must be free from moisture, dust, loose aggregate and other contaminates prior to application.

Note: Protective apparel is recommended with application of CrackMaster Supreme. The extremely hot material will cause severe burns on contact with skin.

Crackfill Coverage

Crackfiller Material Estimator
Crack WidthDepthLBS / 100 Ft.
3/8"3/8"6.9 LBS
1/2"1/2"12.3 LBS
3/4"3/4"27.8 LBS

The above coverage rates are only a guideline.
Actual Material usage may vary due to varying widths of application and thickness of material above pavement surfaces.

CrackMaster Supreme Direct Fire